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Nonprofit Mindset

Whether you are launching a new program or re-imagining an existing channel, the challenges you face in [acquiring and retaining donors] are surmountable.  Understanding what drives momentum and growth, for either start-up or mature nonprofits, is essential to sustained giving via direct response.

  • Improving knowledge

  • Strengthening infrastructure

  • Guided investment for your maturity level

  • Best-fit partner selection options

The Giving Gander elevates an organization, educating staff and helping build your team in order to execute the growth model for future operations.

With a focus on acquisition through Direct Response Television (DRTV) and Monthly Giving, The Giving Gander is here to help your nonprofit optimize an existing channel, build new donor streams and ultimately generate revenue to further the mission.



Unique Solutions

There are few ways to acquire monthly donors while simultaneously building brand, raising awareness, and furthering your mission.  DRTV is a unique discipline with a highly technical infrastructure behind it.  You should not underestimate the ecosystem that acquires donors for your Monthly Giving program or how the disparate components are connected. Planning, designing and controlling costs from conceptualization to execution is critical to getting the most value out of the program while impacting the most people with your message and ultimately raising that revenue via new donors.

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Expert Guidance

It is far easier (and less costly) to keep an existing donor than it is to acquire a new donor to your cause. Across the industry, Monthly Giving has become common and rising sustainer numbers reflect the transition to subscription models. Let us ensure your program is set-up to deliver on that steady, predictable, source of revenue and enable you to develop a deeper, more engaging relationship with your monthly donors.

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